oil on canvas

          Excellence in Realism has always been my goal. I would classify my works as Traditional or Academic Realism. I was initially tutored in the Boston School style which can be considered to be a marriage of the lights and colors of Impressionism with academic training in drawing and  composition. Being always attracted to the 17th century Dutch Masters and the 19th century painter Wm. Harnett, my still lifes have become tighter, sometimes bordering on Trompe loi.

          I feel that every object, whether utilitarian or decorative, has its own dignity and beauty. I'm constantly browsing through antique shops, looking for eye-catching objects such as toys, tools, sports objects, nautical instruments, etc. I feel such artifacts evoke a feeling of mystery and/or nostalgia. Who owned them? what were they used for? I try to create a narrative answer to these questions with the use of related books, objects, etc.

          I have been encouraged in my efforts by being recognized by the Art Renewal Center as one of their Living Artists. The ARC is the largest online museum in the world, featuring over 6000 Past Masters. Their Living Masters Gallery lists 65 Living Artists and Masters. Inspired by being one of them, I now spend my days surrounded by paint, brushes, and canvas creating works to be shared with appreciative viewers. Life is good!