I have wanted to be an artist from my earliest years. Childhood memories recall copying the Sunday comics,gazing for hours at my mother's Maxfield Parrish posters on the walls, Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening post covers and N.C. Wyeth's illustrations for the Scribner Classics. I used to go to the Boston Public Library to admire Edwin Austin Abbey's murals of the quest for the Holy Grail.

     After a stint in the U.S. Navy followed by years of construction and logging, I joined the atelier of Paul Ingbretson. Paul was one of the last students of Ives Gammell who studied under Paxton. Gammell's goal was to resurrect Realism from the neglect of the 20th century and restore it to its rightful state of recognition. He taught using the methods of the 19th century Paris ateliers, as does Paul.

     After many months of cast drawing, my charcoal of Guiliano de Medici caused Paul to remark that a 19th century Academic student would have been pleased to have drawn it. I was ready to move onto drawing and painting still lifes and the figure.

     I also took occasional classes with Numael Pulido, who taught Renaissance methods of painting.

     I am presently a member of the Art Renewal Center, where I am listed in their Living Masters Gallery as one of their Living Artists. I also belong to The International Guild of Realism, the Oil Painters of America, the Copley Society of Art, and the Southern Vermont Art Center.

     In 2012 I was accepted into the Allied Artists of America and the Assoc. of Traditional Artists.  


     oil on linen